Established in March 2023, Deshna Deepak is an India-based fashion design label specializing in women's ready-to-wear clothing. Their collection boasts a variety of silhouettes that showcase sophisticated femininity, clever color combinations, and striking graphic prints. This design ethos redefines the notion of comfortable clothing for Indian women.

Deshna Deepak, the founder is herself a graduate of both the London College of Fashion and Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai. Her passion for colorful attire is evident, as she finds joy in both wearing and creating vibrant garments. The label takes pride in crafting unique prints and embraces the seamless integration of print and color. Their clothing line beautifully captures the essence of the feminine spirit and celebrates the vivacious colors of India.

The team at Deshna Deepak aspires to create culturally inspired shapes and designs, radiating positive energies and embracing beautiful frequencies. They firmly believe that colorful clothing has the power to enlighten the soul. The brand cherishes the myriad colors and shapes found in nature and advocates for preserving local culture. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail resonates with the emotional connections their products forge, inspiring positive transformations in individuals and communities alike. The label also values the significance of human connection, symbolized by the Portuguese term "abra├žos," which translates to hugs.

Embodying their beliefs, Deshna Deepak stays true to their essence by infusing every aspect of their work with vibrancy and positivity.